13 Apr

Central Coast Series

TIME: 09:00

TYPE OF EVENT: Outdoors or sports

LOCATION: 460 The Entrance Rd Bateau Bay NSW 2261


The Central Coast Series skate, scooter and BMX competition is back for another year, with the total prize pool doubling this year, to more than $10,000! Central Coast Council will host three heats across three different venues where young riders can enter in one or all competitions for a chance to claim the Central Coast Series Champion title. Rather than competing in a final, this year’s Champion and division winners will be determined by an accumulative tally across all three heats. The event is aimed at beginner, intermediate and sponsored riders, so provides an opportunity for young people of all skill levels to participate and compete. This year the Central Coast Series will be held at: • Drop in at Dalbs Heat 1 – Waldalba Skate Park, Saturday 23 February • Uminafied Heat 2 - Umina Skate Park, Saturday 9 March • Beast of the Bowl Heat 3 - BATO Yard, Satu rday 13 April Entry is open to all riders aged 5-24 years in skate, scooter and BMX as well as WCMX Wheelchair (BATO only). The age divisions include: • under 12 years • under 16 years • open females • open males and sponsored riders. • Sponsored riders Entry is free and open to riders aged 5-24. To register before the day, email youthservices@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au or phone 4304 7039.

CONTACT NAME: MIchelle Tilden

CONTACT EMAIL: michelle.tilden@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

CONTACT PHONE: 4304 7039